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Y-Tech Solutions will provide the guidance and resources your organization need to ensure that your transition is successful and that you enter the next age with confidence. We have the expertise to bind your organization's true business priorities to the complex and changing technology paradigms. Y-Tech Solutions has helped companies of all sizes and shapes keep pace by using a model that is both predictable and cost efficient.

Optimization services

OS upgrades

Platform migrations

Consolidate and virtualize

Network Configuration

Cloud Services

Y-Tech Solutions provides a wide range of cloud services to help you get the most out of the cloud. Furthermore, since we understand that cloud is more than a technological solution, our solutions include the workforce and cultural changes that are needed for long-term success.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Management & Optimization

Cloud Engineering and Automation

Cloud Security

Cloud Platforms


Vulnerability Management 

Y-Tech Solutions Vulnerability services can help to design, build and operate an end-to-end vulnerability management program, perform high volume security testing, and monitor for change over time.


Information Assurance and Auditing

Y-Tech Solutions has experience in conducting audits to deliver high impact, actionable results in the information security and general computer controls space.

Layered Defense Testing

Y-Tech Solutions will perform phishing exercises to demonstrate that there will always be individuals who access the malicious links or documents. Our Layered Defense Testing methodology determines what happens after the click and how to mitigate the risks associated.

Incident Response

Y-Tech Solutions can augment your incident response teams with out-of-the-box thinking and deep analysis with industry-leading tools.

Professional Trainings

Y-Tech Solutions has developed and delivered training and mentoring services to multiple organizations. Participants state that the training programs have been some of the best learning material they have encountered.


Founded 2010, Y-Tech Solutions is a private LLC consulting firm with many years of experience across multiple industries.  We have deep expertise in all facets of information security and systems auditing. Y-Tech Solutions has a wide range of experience in providing cutting-edge IT solutions for a number of industries and businesses of all sizes. We believe in long-term relationships, so our programs are tailored to our clients' unique requirements. Y-Tech Solutions is comprised of individuals from leading consulting and private companies around the world.  Our consultants all have widely recognized certifications as well as experience with the Big 4 accounting firms


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